Me, the bullet list version:

  • Successful writer, reporter, researcher, and editor with experience creating high-quality original content for diverse audiences, channels, and formats

  • Skilled in content marketing and strategies for building customer relationships

  • Grammar whiz and spelling bee champion

  • Oxford comma 4eva

The long version:

I’ve spent my entire career as a writer, moving from journalism to content marketing and copywriting. I specialize in long-form copy (love doing research and finding a narrative!) and, oddly enough, microcopy and writing for UX. I guess I just like the extremes.

My skills are built on a foundation of editorial expertise in proofreading, copyediting and fact-checking, a result of working for a newspaper with extremely high standards. (I still remember some stinging comments about the difference between that and which.) I’ll never mix up tenant and tenet, and I can spot a misplaced modifier at ten paces.

I’ve authored a book, told stories on stage, been on the radio, and wrote my master’s thesis about Twitter. Whether writing an error message or a case study, I bring a focus on clear communication and an understanding of the user experience and audience needs.

The resume version:

Download it here.