My first makeover
By Jenny B. Davis | Special to the Tribune
January 6, 2008


Big change, I realized, would have to come from inside. As in, inside my closet. More than a personal shopper, I needed a guru to put all my clothes under a style microscope and tell me what to dump, what to keep and how to--credit to Tim Gunn--make it all work.

It was the exact expertise of personal stylist Heather Kenny.

When Kenny arrived at my house, I had every stitch of my fall and winter wardrobe-- shoes, clothes, jewelry--piled high on my bed. Our session (four hours for $300) was as transformative as such sessions appear on TV. Kenny mixed colors in unexpected ways (a dark orange jacket with a goldenrod cotton top), "rediscovered" items that I'd deemed one step away from the donation pile and even pointed out that some of my old standbys were hardly standouts.

At the end of our session, I had two shopping bags of clothes to donate and a shopping list of essential items that conveyed the taste level I was looking for, like a white button-down collar blouse, a gray pencil skirt and loads more bracelets (hello again, Brenda Davis!).

Kenny also snapped digital photos of seven complete work-ready outfits that she'd plucked from the pile. None were combinations I'd worn before, and many incorporated items such as dress pants that I always considered too dressy until I saw them as part of a cohesive, fully assembled look.



before photo


The stylist said this sweater was too casual for the skirt.




photo with belted sweater










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